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Resources for Healthy Eating


Healthy Food Pantry Donations adobe

In order to promote healthy lifestyles, please consider including the following when donating this year.

Food Pantry Pocket Pal adobe

Provides a complete list of nearby Food Pantries and the daily schedules of each.

Local Farmers Markets

Healthy Eating in St. Clair County, Illinois is the Goal & Misson of Get Up & Go in St. Clair County, Illinois - IL

Learn more about local Farmers Markets so you can support the community and eat healthier, home-grown fruits and vegetables from your area!

            St. Clair Farmers Markets adobe
            Old Town Farmer's Market adobe Updated Location & Information


Shows pictures of healthy portion sizes for all the food groups. Offers tip and resources for kids, parents, college students, teachers, health care professionals, and anyone trying to lose weight.


Sign up for one of their e-newsletters, including one that offers a daily healthy recipe, or just browse their extensive healthy recipe library. You can also learn healthy cooking techniques, read the latest food news, or check out the blogs.

Mayo Clinic Nutrition and Healthy Eating

If you have a nutrition question, this site has the answer. Look up information about carbohydrates, vitamins, salt, fat, caffeine, whole grains, and any other nutrition-related topic you can think of.

Fruits and Veggies More Matters

More Matters® is a health initiative focused on helping Americans increase fruit & vegetable consumption for better health.


U of I Extension Expanded Food and Nutrition ProgramU of I Extension  - EFNEP
Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program

EFNEP is designed to help families with limited resources make food choices that will improve the diet and health of the family by providing workshops with hands on learning activities, food demonstartions, and discussions.  Classes are designed to be engaging and could include tasting new foods, learning to cook, recipe demonstrations, grocery store tours, and hands on activities.  There is no cost to clients for the program.  Classes are delivered at partnering organizations where it is easy for families to attend.  Read More